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Get the Belize Summer Vacation You Dream About by Acting Now!

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What’s your vacation planning strategy? Are you an early booker – or do you wait until the last minute to secure reservations and airline tickets? If you belong in the second group, you’ve got plenty to lose by putting off making plans – especially if you’ve been considering a summer vacation in Belize and you’d love to stay at the lush, legendary San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, “It’s shaping up to be a hot summer for traveling—and a thorny one. According to the U.S. Travel Association (USTA), 85% of Americans plan to travel this season, which means crowded roads and airports.” If you don’t want to be left behind while thoughtful planners head south to occupy lush digs at this exotic resort, follow this advice and you won’t miss a thing.

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1. Book your San Ignacio Resort Hotel stay immediately – before every accommodation is filled on the dates you want to travel. Relying upon last-minute deals is never a good idea because post-pandemic travel has turned the world loose on a shopping spree for vacation hot spots. As a reminder, our Belize resort is home to only 27 lodgings!

2. Once you’ve secured your reservation at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, shop for airfares to find the best deal. It’s never smart to make flight arrangements first, say, folks who spent so much time comparison shopping, by the time they contacted San Ignacio Resort Hotel staff, the property was fully booked.

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3. Don’t be hesitant to grab a flight that requires a layover en route to Belize. It’s better to get a connecting flight if you’re a late planner because direct flights tend to get grabbed up by savvy travelers early and advance planners tend to get the best flight deals, too.

4. Rely upon the San Ignacio Resort Hotel for more than beautiful suites. Stay busy day and night by taking advantage of unique activities like exploring the Green Iguana Conservation Project that’s Belize’s #1 attraction and enjoying an authentic Maya fish cooking experience. You’ll run out of time before you run out of things to do by saying say yes to these options.

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5. By reserving digs immediately, you are assured of priority tour bookings, too. San Ignacio Hotel Resort staff offers guests myriad exciting off-site tour options as described here. Whether cultural experiences are your priority, you’d like to wander every Maya ruin in Belize, or only adventures like zip-lining, cave exploration, and repelling will do, fill your itinerary with activities easily arranged by your gracious hosts!

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It bears repeating: Post-COVID summer travel has become so competitive that everything about getting exactly the holiday you crave is all about how quickly you can nail all of your arrangements. By booking your San Ignacio Resort Hotel sojourn right now, your summer vacation is assured and you get your share of bragging rights by letting everyone in your world know how clever you are!

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