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Belize Outdoor Adventures Just for Active Families

Belize Adventure Family Resorts Have your kids turned into couch potatoes during the pandemic? Can you say the same about yourself? You need a reward for having survived and nothing motivates like taking the entire family on an outdoor adventure in Belize. Kids won’t get restless on the short flight from home and once you tell your youngsters about the experiences awaiting them, you’re going to feel like the best parent on the planet.

Cave Tubing and Cave Exploration Belize Adventure Family Tours Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (ATM) is a remarkable destination that is thrilling, spooky, educational, and an homage to ancient Maya ingenuity. Turn kids loose after telling them that the cave is home to 1400 human artifacts left behind by priests who used the cave for secret rituals. The Crystal Maiden, sparkling when illuminated by light thanks to centuries of mineral deposits, will captivate family members. Pair this visit with a relaxing cave tubing adventure and memories your family brings home will last forever.

Zip Lining Belize Adventure Family Tours Depending upon your willingness to let your kids achieve a thrill even Spiderman and Batman would find fun, zip-lining over Belize jungle canopies is the ultimate adventure that can be undertaken by toddlers as young as 5 if they’re tethered to mom or dad. Everyone dons gloves and a helmet before being secured within safety harnesses attached to overhead cables that sweep each family member along a fast, meteoric ride over the trees. When kids return to school, they won’t stop talking about this cool adventure.

Exploring ancient Maya cities Belize Adventure Family Trips You don’t have to tell your youngsters that they will witness history when you take them to as many pyramids, ballparks, and palaces on your itinerary as time allows. Even at young ages, tiny travelers can be swept up in the majesty of these sites and your kids can use pent-up energy to climb stairs and trails to reach summits, peek into rooms, and pose for photos. Don’t tell your brood that there are 900 ruins in Belize. They’ll want to see them all!

Birding and hiking Belize Adventure Resorts Getting to and from exciting Belize attractions often requires a hike, but if kids know that they’ll glimpse waterfalls, wild creatures, and other surprises during treks, they won’t complain. Bring hiking shoes for all family members and don’t forget bug spray, sunblock, and plenty of water. If kids have been prepared for the hundreds of species of birds they may spot, these expeditions will be even more fun.

Canoeing and swimming Belize Adventure Family Hotel Choosing a family-friendly resort as the base from which you’ll go off on adventures keeps things manageable and there is no better choice than the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, where accommodations are family-friendly and the pool is a kid favorite. Every tour and adventure on our list — including river canoeing, Maya sites, ziplining, and the ATM cave – can be booked in minutes via the in-house Cayo Gial Tour desk located on the property. That stated, be prepared for your little ones to balk when you prepare to set off on those excursions. Once they learn that the resort is home to the Green Iguana Conservation Project, they are going to want to hang out with these fascinating reptiles. they may even want to adopt one. Don’t be surprised if you say yes and adopt one yourself!

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