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Top Travel Experts Agree: No Place Surpasses Belize in 2022!

san ignacio resort hotel If you wouldn’t think of taking an overseas vacation without first consulting the world’s most knowledgeable travel authorities – among them National Geographic and Lonely Planet – you’ll be interested in knowing that both entities just put Belize on their top “must-visit” lists for 2022. Lonely Planet listed Belize in 4th place amid some tough competitors that include Norway and Nepal, while National Geo editors dubbed the nation “one of the best six places in the world to rediscover nature.” san ignacio belize (3) This is very high praise for a small country packed with things to see, taste and experience, and it’s the only nation on both lists that can be reached by plane in just a couple of hours. Add the fact that English is spoken everywhere and it’s obvious why both resources agree that 2022 is the ideal year to discover this friendly, easily navigable destination. Belize: Small enough to see everything map of belize According to National Geographic editors, “Belize offers a front-row seat to tropical wildlife.” Editors cite “one of the largest remaining tropical rainforests in the Americas,” adding that the Nature Conservancy has acquired 236,000 acres of tropical forest to establish the Belize Maya Forest Reserve. But what also draws curiosity seekers are the 900 Maya sites scattered across a nation that measures less than 9,000 square miles in size. That’s the size of Vermont, so visitors are always close to fabulous experiences that don’t require endless in-country travel to get to multiple attractions within the same day. Can you find luxury accommodations among this natural splendor? best place to stay in belize (3) It is, if you choose the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. This award-winning Belize resort was transformed into a mecca of comfort and splendor amid lush surroundings that include a medicinal garden, pool, tennis courts, and educational iguana attraction that fascinates kids and adults. Located in San Ignacio, guests want for nothing during their stays and could even save money by taking advantage of current Belize specials, just as long as booking deadlines are met. See what Lonely Planet and National Geo rave about! belize maya ruin tours (2) What can you expect from a resort hotel that’s home to a dedicated tour desk? Convenience! View the property’s tour menu and you’ll be impressed by the diversity and scope of adventures. Whether you prefer to book a Belize vacation package that includes accommodations, meals, amenities, and special-interest tours or you like to decide after arrival, the tour desk is ready to book your adventures and arrange for everything from transport to knowledgeable guides. Make 2022 the year you see Belize. Whether you love the idea of trekking through jungles to spot wildlife or your idea of heaven is getting in-room spa treatments and the most delicious cuisine in Cayo, by staying at this elegant property you’ll be close to the charming town of San Ignacio where ice cream shops, a farmer’s market, casino, pubs, and cultural sites will add to your vacation enjoyment. Having it all is possible at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, a reason guests won’t think of staying elsewhere, especially now that these two prestigious travel authorities have given Belize two thumbs up!

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