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Belize: The Best Travel Destination For Nature Lovers In 2024

belize nature vacations

When a popular vacation blogger recently announced, “The Amazing Nature Vacation is Back!”, readers responded, “We had no idea it had gone anywhere!” Nature vacations were especially popular during COVID, since people could enjoy outings without having to worry about 6-foot distances and masks, since outside transmission wasn’t as worrisome.

How are nature vacations defined? Very broadly, according to myriad sources. Examples include birdwatching, photography, hiking, hunting, fishing, and any other outdoor activity that requires you to get out of the house and partake in activities that invite you to become one with the outdoors.

Further, you don’t have to part with lots of cash and fly a million miles to reach African savannas or the Australian outback to get your fill. A short plane ride to Belize offers you so many opportunities to commune with nature, you’ll require either a very long stay or multiple trips to get your fill.

Where can you find a paradise that offers the most intensive sights, sounds, and fragrances in Belize? Make a reservation that puts you in the middle of the action. At the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, guests are treated to onsite and offsite tours that give guests the perfect nature getaway.

An elegant resort in the middle of a jungle?

Take a peek. Impressed? When you glimpse the number of awards and milestones displayed at the bottom of the resort’s landing page, you will be, so you’re assured of a stay that exceeds your expectations. Sample some of the experiences the San Ignacio Resort offers guests:

belize tea tasting tours

•Participate in a spiritual tea-tasting medicinal tour of the grounds that reveals herbs and plants that have been proven to have curative properties long before modern medicine came along.

Birding in Belize

•Enjoy the best bird-watching ever. Because Belize’s unique topography includes jungles, forests, coastline, and lagoons, a buffet of choices for the 580+ species of birds who either live or stop during their migrations await binoculars.


•For guests who thought that Belize was covered in palm trees exclusively, Mountain Pine Ridge forest is awash in lush waterfalls, pools, and hiking trails.

canoeing the macal river

•Since the San Ignacio Resort Hotel is perched high above the town and the Macal River, you can add a canoeing adventure to your itinerary any time you like.


•Given this resort’s uniquely positioned location, guests can avail themselves of resort-led tours of not one but three nearby Maya ruins, including legendary locations like Caracol, Cahal Pech, and Xunantunich.

green iguanas belize

•What’s the biggest perk of all? The resort’s Green Iguana Conservation Project, a labor of love that does more than educate visitors about these fascinating creatures. This on-site installation is one of Belize’s #1 tourist attractions.

There’s so much more to discover for San Ignacio Resort Hotel guests seeking a vacation in nature that’s as immersive as it gets, and this property delivers on them all. Consider this Mother Nature’s personal invitation to dwell in her world. You’re going to love every minute!

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