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How To Plan The Ideal Babymoon In Belize

How To Plan The Ideal Babymoon In Belize

When a group of game players were asked to come up with words or phrases that included “moon,” their answers were clever. Before time ran out, they suggested blue moon, honeymoon, Moon Over Miami, Moon Indigo, over the moon, and the name of a vintage 1960s Jackie Gleason comedy series called The Honeymooners where the character Ralph Cramden regularly told his wife: “Alice, you’re going to the moon!”

The word babymoon didn’t make anyone’s list, but for couples just starting families, this idea has found a home in their vocabularies and if this is your first introduction to the word, you’ll want to know more about planning one, too.

What’s a babymoon? It’s a vacation couples take before a huge transformative change takes place in their lives when a baby comes into the world—a getaway aimed at pampering mom, whether this is her first or third child. Sound like the best idea you’ve heard since your doctor confirmed your pregnancy? If the concept intrigues you, these planning tips can help make your escape meaningful, restful, and fun for all three of you!

How To Plan The Ideal Babymoon In Belize

1. Check with your doctor to make certain you’re not putting yourself at risk by getting on a plane, especially if the babymoon destination you’ve chosen requires a very long and uncomfortable time in the air. One way to make sure that won’t happen is by choosing Belize where flights from North America are short and effortless.

2. Choose a property offering a babymoon stay that suits your lifestyle. Some soon-to-be-moms crave nothing more than poolside sunbathing while others are up for a more adventure. At the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, you two will find both in abundance.

3. Pack for a relaxing stay. If Mom’s goal is to focus on pool time and/or visit the coast to roam the beach, this babymoon packing list makes a great guide so you come to the Caribbean well-provisioned.

4. Take advantage of this resort’s assortment of onsite activities designed for guests who like to stay busy but aren’t necessarily up for cave repelling, zip lining, or ascending up steep Maya ruins! You’ll agree that a stay at “the only jungle in town” far surpasses options offered by other Belize resorts when you peruse these imaginative choices.

5. Rest assured chefs in charge of gourmet dining at the Running W Restaurant will take care of your dietary restrictions. Count on the resort’s ranch-raised meats and seafood culled from the ocean for meals that are as healthy as they are tasty. Dad will be delighted to sample craft cocktails from the resort’s talented bartenders.

How To Plan The Ideal Babymoon In Belize

Take the advice of medical professionals writing for to make your babymoon idyllic, so you reconnect with your partner, grab plenty of veg out time, clear your mind, and avoid decision-making that can stress you out—-unless of course, you two want to have a dialog about names for your little bundle of heaven!

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