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Where to Go in October: The Best Places to Travel

belize in october October is a time for carving pumpkins, transitioning into layered clothes, and bracing for the holidays. But if you’re not ready to give up on the summer just yet, October can be the perfect time for one last dalliance with the season. In the Caribbean nation of Belize, it feels like summer all year long — but that’s just one reason why it’s the perfect destination for you this October. Here are some more. belize october travel It’s conch and lobster season. These are two of the country’s most decadent delicacies, and they’re only available during limited times of the year. It’s still the low season. The green season is beginning to die down, but the tourists haven’t started to pour in in droves. That means that you’ll have the space to enjoy paradise in peace. It’s affordable! Belize is an affordable country to visit in the first place, but prices dramatically drop during the off-season. That applies to everything from flights to resort prices to Belize vacation packages. october in belize It’s the perfect birdwatching season. Belize is along the route for countless bird migration patterns, but it’s arguably most beautiful during October. This is when a variety of North American species like egrets, spoonbills, and herons head south to get away from the cold. May as well join them! belize october adventures It’s the perfect chance to see what life is really like in Belize. English is the national language, and the fact that the tourist season has died down means that you can have more authentic experiences and go off the beaten path before returning to your mundane life back home. belize october vacations October is the perfect time to visit Belize, but there’s no wrong time to visit Belize — least of all when you decide to book your accommodation at San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Located in one of Belize’s most interesting towns, it’s also the perfect gateway for exploring the Cayo District. This stretch of wilderness and untouched beauty is filled with boundless opportunities for spelunking, zip-lining, and river tubing — but it’s also the ideal place to just kick back and relax in a tropical paradise. best place to travel in october Whatever experience you’re trying to have, you can count on the staff at the San Ignacio Resort and Hotel to make you want to spend every October here. And if you can’t make it now, we’ll be ready with welcoming arms through November, December, and the year to come.

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