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Belize in December: Travel Ideas, Weather, and More

Belize in December

Are your December holiday plans still up in the air? That’s a good thing! Your craving for a warm getaway may already have kicked in—especially if you live in the northeast part of the U.S. where parts of Buffalo received a record 77-inches of snowfall and where digging out not only ruins one’s holiday spirit but it doesn’t do much for back muscles either!

Your obvious solution to escaping this not-so-pleasant winter onslaught is literally to go south to a place that requires only a couple of hours in the air to reach a destination that will thaw you out quickly and remind you that December can be more than a family reunion where Uncle Fred complains throughout festivities and you spend more time in the kitchen than with family members!

Belize in December

Ditch Florida and discover Belize

There may not be a major difference in the time you’ll spend aboard a carrier in your quest to reach a haven where sun, surf, and soothing rhythms can morph you from pre-holiday Grinch to happy sun-worshipper, and you may be surprised to learn that you are likely to spend less money on a Belize getaway that you would in Florida where just about every cost you run into has been impacted by inflation.

Belize, on the other hand, gives you an authentic overseas experience, especially if you choose The San Ignacio Resort Hotel as your destination. This unique property is the very essence of an eco-tourism resort for so many reasons, reading about all of them could take your breath away. In fact, there’s a video posted on the resort’s home page that will capture your sensibilities and win your heart. 

Belize in December

But first, you need to take to the skies

Flights to Belize have never been more convenient, as you can see for yourself when consulting this list where non-stop service is available and last-minute flights could fit your budget nicely:

•Take an American Airlines flight from DFW to BZE

•American Airlines service goes from LAX to BZE 

•There are American Airlines flights from MIA to BZE

•Delta Airlines transports tourists from ATL to BZE

•Book a Southwest Airlines flight from FLL to BZE 

•Count on Southwest for HOU to BZE flights too

•United Airlines flies between IAH and BZE

•United also gets you from ORD to BZE

•Originating in Canada? Westjet and Air Canada at your service. 

Belize in December

It’s not every day that you’re given an opportunity to visit paradise on short notice, but if you book your stay at the charming San Ignacio Resort hotel (fondly known as “the only jungle in town”), this year’s December getaway could start a tradition that begs to be repeated every year—and now that you know where those planes will be waiting to take you south for a tropical getaway that caps 2022 in style, why would you say no?

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