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5 Epic Things to Do in Belize with Kids

5 Epic Things to Do in Belize with Kids

Belize is a fun and family-friendly destination to visit any time of the year. Nestled in the heart of Central America, with a coastline that greets the Caribbean Sea, this charming country offers numerous activities tailored to family enjoyment. From exploring ancient Maya temples to drifting down clear rivers, Belize promises unforgettable experiences.

Here, we’ve gathered the five must-do tours that will add a sprinkle of magic to your family vacation.

1. Tour of the Green Iguana Conservation Project

Green Iguana Conservation Project

The Green Iguana Conservation Project is an interactive exhibit located in San Ignacio. A guided tour of the project will let your family get up close and personal with these fascinating reptiles. Learn about the life cycle of the green iguana and the efforts to conserve them. Children will especially enjoy the hands-on experience and the knowledge and memories gained will surely last a lifetime.

2. Tour of Belize Maya Sites

Tour of Belize Maya Sites

  • Cahal Pech: Located in San Ignacio Town, Cahal Pech offers an educational exploration of the ancient Maya civilization. With its temples, plazas, and ball courts, families can walk through history and discover how the Maya once lived.
  • Xunantunich: Known for its spectacular views and intriguing history, Xunantunich is a favorite among families. Climb the towering El Castillo, and gaze across a landscape steeped in mystery and history.
  • Caracol: A visit to Caracol, one of Belize’s largest Maya sites, is like stepping into another world. Caracol’s towering pyramid and ancient structures are sure to captivate both adults and children, offering a unique way to experience Belizean history.

3. Cave Tubing

Cave Tubing in Belize

If your family is looking for adventure, cave tubing is an exciting and educational experience. Float through ancient caves and learn about the geological formations and historical significance. Families will love the mix of relaxation and excitement as they drift through the crystalline waters, illuminated by headlamps, exploring an underground world.

4. Canoeing on the Macal River

Canoeing on the Macal River

A serene canoe ride on the Macal River provides families with an opportunity to enjoy Belize’s natural beauty. Paddle together as you observe colorful birds, native plants, and perhaps even spot a river otter or two. The gentle flow of the river makes it a perfect outing for families of all ages.

5. Tour of the San Ignacio Farmer’s Market

Tour of the San Ignacio Farmer's Market

To truly immerse your family in Belizean culture, a visit to the San Ignacio Farmer’s Market is a must. This bustling market offers a vibrant array of fresh produce, handmade crafts, and delicious local dishes. It’s a sensory delight and a wonderful way for families to connect with the local community and taste the flavors of Belize.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel: A Family Haven in Belize, Where Luxury Meets Adventure

Family-friendly hotels in Belize

Consider the San Ignacio Resort Hotel as the ideal family-friendly lodging in San Ignacio Town. With spacious accommodations and family-friendly amenities, it’s the perfect place to unwind after exploring all that Belize has to offer. The hotel’s prime location also provides easy access to many of the tours highlighted above.

Whether it’s discovering the ancient history at the Maya sites or gliding down the serene Macal River, Belize offers a treasure trove of family-friendly activities. These five tours, each unique in their own right, promise a vacation filled with wonder, learning, and cherished memories. So pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and set off on a family vacation to Belize that you’ll reminisce about for years to come.

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