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What does Belize All-Inclusive Mean? Everything to know

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Not only do Romance languages like French, Italian and Spanish require one to allocate more space on paper because what can be explained in three English words can take five in these languages, but folks who love wordsmithing find that the quirky idioms and phrases associated with English add spice to conversations – especially in Belize where Great Britain left a legacy that includes the English language.

If you’ve explored the topic of Belize vacations, you likely run into the same terms repeatedly, thus you’re probably no stranger to the all-inclusive concept. If you’re skeptical, you may assume that hyperbole is being employed to convince you that a few perks for one price are worth the expenditure.

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The idea is great, but not every Belize resort makes good on “everything.” If you’d like to avoid the trap, discover the San Ignacio Resort Hotel where “Super Packages” await discriminating travelers wary of being disappointed.

Everything is the operative word at the San Ignacio Hotel Resort

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The San Ignacio Resort Hotel was once a private estate where elegance and service were enjoyed by elite guests. Converted to an enclave for a small number of guests (including the occasional visit from U.K. royalty), the resort has retained its opulence and service commitment, but guests are also offered Belize vacation packages that pass the all-inclusive test.

From the moment a guest arrives at the Belize international airport, the resort’s all-inclusive benefits kick in, including transfers to and from the resort, accommodations, fabulous meals, tours, taxes, and a bounty of onsite amenities that offer a variety of experiences without requiring you to leave the property. These include an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court plus complimentary racquets and balls, and a dedicated tour desk to help guests book off-site experiences.

Further, you’ll enjoy unique onsite activities that won’t be found elsewhere, like the tea tasting medicinal tour, Critters of the Night tour, Maya Fish Cooking experience, Copal Cleanse, and the Cayo District’s #1 attraction: The Green Iguana Conservation Project, a one-of-a-kind introduction to the world of these mysterious reptiles that contribute mightily to the ecological balance of the nearby river.

Choose from 8 inclusive packages:

belize vacation all inclusive

The Best of Cayo Package
The 3 Perfect Days Package
The Belize Luxury Package
The Business Traveler Package
The Maya Expedition Package
The Best of Birding Package
The Wings Over Belize Package
The Honeymoon Packages

Suppose none of these are exactly what you want?

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If you’re like most San Ignacio Resort Hotel guests, you may find something that intrigues you within the description of every one of these inclusive packages, thus staff encourages you to build your own Belize vacation package, knowing that by doing so you will enjoy the best of all worlds for a single price.

What to do with the money an all-inclusive package saves? Order in-room spa treatments, book more tours, and head to San Ignacio to explore the town’s culture, history, farmer’s market, and art. As you can see, San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s all-inclusive are loaded with extras you won’t find elsewhere, reason enough to make this your first destination choice next time you plan a Belize holiday!

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