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7 Reasons Why People Love Running W Restaurant

The main reason why people love food is that it makes us feel satisfied but. to make us feel good, it needs to taste good. Running W Restaurant at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel has launched a bright and fresh new daily menu for summer – and it’s got something for everyone. Embracing the warmer months by retaining the flavourful steaks and meats for which the restaurant is known for, along an assortment of lighter plates that incorporate the use of freshly picked herbs, ground spices and in-season fruits and produce – Running W Restaurant, one of San Ignacio Belize’s top restaurants has come out a winner – revealing tasty new items, fresh flavours, and an exclusive mix of classic Belizean favourites and international dishes. Check out the 7 reasons why people love this Restaurant!


Smash Burger Mondays

Reason number one why people love Running W Restaurant is because after all these years it’s never forgotten its roots. Since its inauguration, the meats used at the Restaurant have always come from the family ranch in San Ignacio, Belize (for which the restaurant got its name, Running W Meats). Free range and grass-fed beef, fresh air and careful monitoring for food safety, quality and consistency ensure juicy, tender cuts and fabulous flavour. With six different burgers to choose from, fun wine pairings and toppings like bacon jam, bourbon BBQ sauce, and brie cheese, you may be tempted to try them all.


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Pizza Tuesdays

Hard to imagine that pizza only arrived in this part of the world within the 20th century. Reason number two why people love this addition to the restaurant menu is because, well, pizza is delicious. On the list of the world’s most satisfying foods, this would be in the top five. Classic toppings like pepperoni, Italian sausage, and grilled chicken are available along with top vegetarian picks like pesto sauce, creamy Alfredo sauce, mushrooms, and spinach. Hand tossed dough, mouth-watering toppings and fresh whole milk cheese makes for the best slice of pizza you’ll ever have.


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Wing Wednesday

The ultimate finger food. Wings are a common San Ignacio Belize restaurant eat. A light bite, it’s a go-to for satisfying the munchies. What makes these wings so good? For one, they’re juicy and tender. The also come in five different flavours including fan classics like lemon pepper and BBQ as well as Asian, bourbon, and jerk. Running W’s commitment to fresh meats and great taste makes these Wing Wednesday choices a must try to anyone with a passion for the world of wings.


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Taco Thursday

Tacos definitely originated in this part of the world. It’s the ultimate fast food, and like pizza, one of the most versatile dishes combining various toppings and flavours. Taco Thursday showcases a taste of Belize and other regional. Choose from mojo de ajo skirt steak, lobster and Mexican-style street corn, slow roasted pork, and crispy fried beer battered shrimp and fish.  Top off your taco game with classic fixings of onion, lime, and cilantro. If you’re feeling adventurous, you should go for the hot sauce too.


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Steak Weekends

So good it didn’t make sense to limit it to Friday only. Available for dinner only, Steak Weekends is reason five on our list. It makes sense to eat steak at a restaurant that specializes in steaks and chops. Enjoy various cuts of tender, savoury meats like T-bone, beef tenderloin, porterhouse, and aged rib-eye and sirloin. For diners, the recently remodelled air-conditioned dining hall with views of San Ignacio’s hills and woodlands ensures that not only the taste buds are excited, but your eyes get a feast as well.


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Sushi Nights

Now you can have sushi every night. There are very few places in San Ignacio with a sushi menu and the Running W Restaurant happens to be first one to begin the movement –. Sushi has been around for a very long time and originated in faraway, South East Asia—but why limit this delicacy? Also available for dinner only, offerings include classic rolls like the Texas roll, summer, shrimp tempura, California, and vegetarian rolls.


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Sunday Brunch

The fact that there’s a Sunday brunch option brings a lively end to the end of the week. You’ll find a combination of healthy and hearty breakfast options. For bird lovers, you might want to sip that freshly brewed cup of coffee while you dine outdoors as it’s not uncommon to spot a variety of birds in the area. If you’re lucky, a few of the curious little creatures may linger; in that case, keep your binoculars and camera handy. Take the family and enjoy your fill of breakfast meats, fresh eggs and cheeses, warm breads, and delicious jam spreads.


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