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7 Fun Couples Activities at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

There's no reason why traveling with a spouse or partner should be stressful. In addition to being fun, traveling with a partner can also help strengthen the relationship. San Ignacio Resort Hotel is the oldest Belizean family-owned hotel in the Cayo district best known for award-winning food, luxury accommodations, and its jungle setting. If you're looking for a fun Belize couples vacation that doesn't require you to leave the resort, we offer several fun on-site couple activities for you to explore.


1. Breakfast with the Birds

Because Belize is home to over 500 species of exotic birds, birding in Belize has exploded as one of the top things to do in recent years. An alfresco dining experience complete with sweet, local fruits and freshly baked bread makes birdwatching at breakfast a fun, leisurely, and altogether sumptuous activity for couples. 


2. Date Night at Running W Restaurant

Looking to recreate date night excitement? That's easy enough. Our flagship eatery is also family-owned and features fresh, pasture-raised meats from our family estate. Share your love of food over a tantalizing mix of Belizean favorites alongside a rich medley of international flavors. 


3. Private Dinner for Two

But what if you don't even need to leave your room to have a romantic dinner together. Our staff can easily organize a candlelit dinner on your private balcony. It's fun and romantic, and it's one great way to ensure that your partner will only have eyes for you.


date night at san ignacio resort hotel belize


4. Tea Tasting Medicinal Tour

While many Belizeans grew up with homemade tried and true remedies for everything from clearing up blemished skin to the common cold, this knowledge is slowly being lost. Bring hiking, foraging, and tea tasting together – this tour is a fun and tasty way for couples to learn about the fascinating world of plants and healing.


5. Green Iguana Conservation Project

One of the region's most iconic species of lizards is currently facing extinction. But through the Green Iguana Conservation Project, we've been able to spearhead a successful rescue, rehabilitate, and release program. With all tour proceeds going directly to fund this project, this is a fun and memorable experience that genuinely benefits all.


green iguana tour


6. Critters of the Night Tour

For the proverbial night owls looking for something fun to do at night, the San Ignacio Resort grounds literally alight with activity after the sun goes down. A night hike is a fun activity that allows you to see all manner of night-time critters, including owls, opossums, and if you're lucky a sprightly kinkajou.


7. Photoshoot

Want to preserve the memory of your Belize couples vacation? Photoshoots are perfect for just that. They're fun and romantic and allow couples to be as creative as they'd like. There are many unique spots on the grounds to choose from. Discover them on your own or talk to our front desk for additional recommendations.


belize vacation at san ignacio resort


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