Belize Travel Notice – Health & Safety
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10 Ways to Rediscover What's Essential in Belize
10 Ways to Rediscover What's Essential in Belize

If you’re a wordsmith, you use the word essential often. After all, it describes something that is “absolutely necessary and extremely important,” according to Oxford dictionary scholars. Can you use the words essential and Belize in the same sentence? Count

Autumn Advantage: 5 Reasons Fall is the Best Time to Travel to Belize

What’s on your calendar for what remains of the summer? If you’re like a majority of people in North America, a vacation is likely to be near the top of your wish list, but if you’re not yet ready to travel due to already-scheduled work or family obligations, don’t fret. Autumn is just around the corner. If you can get away from August through November, no destination surpasses Belize – for these 5 reasons and so many more!

Where to Find the Best Health and Wellness Vacation in Belize

If just the words in this headline trigger an endorphin rush, you’ve likely adopted a lifestyle that prioritizes staying healthy so you enjoy life more and do what it takes to live longer. How do you know whether your efforts are working? By comparing your actions to 10 wellness practices listed on the website: