Belize Travel Notice – COVID-19
The National Symbols of Belize
The National Symbols of Belize

Our national identity for the world to see

Blue-Crowned Motmot

A Blue-Crowned Motmot is a rare sight in Belize…don't pass up an opportunity to learn more about them!

How To Make Hudut and Sere

Hudut and Sere are two delicious Garifuna dishes that go perfectly together! Check out this recipe from Taste of Belize in LA.

Johnny Cake Recipe

Johnny cake is to Belize what croissant is in France, the emblematic ingredient of a traditional breakfast. This recipe for Belizean Johnny Cakes is tried and true. It will result in the nice hot, crusty, johnny cakes. Enjoy!

is belize safe to travel

Is Belize a Safe Place to Vacation?

North Americans opening daily newspapers find jarring reports of crimes, thus they’re especially interested in prioritizing safety, luxury, and savings when they vacation these days.