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10 Reasons You Should Take The Family to Belize Instead of a Theme Park

Belize Family Resort According to number crunchers at, a 2022 theme park 5-night vacation for a family of 4 runs around $6000. If your family is larger, add another $1000 to the estimate. Upgrade your meal plan, and/or add extras, and your tab is more likely to top off at over $8,000. Can you spend less? That depends upon your objective. To give your family the theme park experience they crave, this is no time to cut corners, but since amusement park vacation prices are expected to “rise by about 3%” in 2023, you might want to rethink this trip in favor of a family trip to Belize. You’ll probably fly fewer hours to reach your destination and your kids will have an overseas experience that far exceeds one a theme park delivers for these 10 reasons and more. Belize Family Vacation Packages All Inclusive 1. The animals in Belize are all real, and they are so plentiful, zoos can’t compare to Belize wildlife where Howler monkeys, jaguars, manatee, turtles, and hundreds of bird species abound in the wild. 2. Theme park rides are fun. Belize adventures are ‘funner’! From zip lining to floating into caves on inner tubes, the array of family activities available to families in Belize is breathtaking. 3. Stay at the world-class San Ignacio Resort Hotel. This lavish former estate surpasses Cinderella’s castle in myriad ways and amenities delight parents and kids of all ages. 4. Kids are going to go a little wild when they discover resort exclusives like the Iguana Project, Critters of the Night prowl, and other fun diversions. Belize Family Travel 5. Every tour under the sun gives families staying at this property a world-class education that will serve them well for years to come. 6. San Ignacio Resort Hotel packages won’t disappoint. At an amusement park, plan to take out your wallet repeatedly. Choose a Belize vacation package stay and that wallet won’t get much wear and tear. Belize Family Vacations 7. Give your kids opportunities to interact with Belizeans so they grow up to appreciate other cultures. When they learn more about Belize’s history, they’re going to be fascinated. 8. Your family won’t have to suffer long queues for which theme parks are notorious. Treat your “antsiest” kid to paradise minus crowds and long waits by selecting adventures from the resort’s in-house tour agency offering a smorgasbord of options. Belize Family Adventures 9. A day spent touring Maya sites will trigger your child’s curiosity big time. There are 900 Maya sites in Belize and many are nearby. Theme park rides pale in comparison to this affordable Maya Expedition Package. 10. Mom and Dad deserve something extra and what surpasses in-room spa treatments that relax and rejuvenate even frazzled parents? You won’t find this luxurious experience at a theme park. What’s the best part of replacing a theme park with a Belize family trip besides spending less? Every family member gets the vacation of their dreams.

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